52 Prompts: Page 52, Line 17

Close up of an open book

Week 22 Prompt: Take the nearest book to you, turn to page 52, line 17 and use the first complete sentence as the start of your piece.

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What’s it like?

…definitely mixed product.  I think I’d often do a vignette or a character sketch, but if I had a real-life experience, maybe just a memoir. Or heck, a book review if that’s what the prompt leads me to. Whatever you’re inspired to do–the point is to overcome the butt-in-chair hurdle that is so big.

Week 1: Worst. Meal. Ever.

Week 2: Where I’m From.

Week 3: Bulwer-Lytton’s Lyttony

Week 4: Fabric

Week 5: Pick a part of your body

Week 6: The worst thing that happened to you as a child

Week 7: Did it turn out how you expected?

Week 8: A moment of silence

Week 9 prompt: Henchman! (Or sidekick)

Week 10 prompt: “Clare Middleton I love you will u marry me”

Week 11 prompt: Tell an outrageous lie

Week 12 prompt: Stranded

Week 13 prompt: Self Portrait Early in the Morning

Week 14 prompt: Life happens in the kitchen

Week 15 prompt: Where are your ghosts?

Week 16 prompt: Wrong number

Week 17 prompt: Clouds

Week 18 Prompt: Angel of the North

Week 19 Prompt: Teeth

Week 20 Prompt: Relationships

Week 21 Prompt: Ice or Snow

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Image credit: Close up of an open book by ryanmerritt

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