Affordable Care Act: What does it mean, and what to do next?

Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act | 2013-11-19 11-12-59If you’re someone who was fervently supporting the Affordable Care Act, and you’re now neck-deep in frustrating web applications, what do you do?

I get why the ACA is important, but goddamnit, it really looks like my premiums are going to, at a minimum, double (after the tax credit) for coverage that has a 40% higher deductible.  But it is also nearly impossible for me to decipher what my potential costs might be without entering a fuck ton of somewhat sensitive information to even look at rates on my state’s marketplace.  I am an intelligent, internet-savvy person, and I cannot for the life of me muddle through this shit to compare what’s available and figure out what it might actually cost me.

Yeah, probably that. Spend hours (or days, or weeks) sorting through your options, and try to figure out how to piece together the coverage you need. Fortunately, this is exactly the sort of situation that the hive mind can help out with:

…have you checked to see if you are eligible for subsidies?  It goes up to 400% FPL, which is around $80,000 for a family of 3. This subsidy calculator from kaiser foundation is easier to use than most of the Exchange websites, and they are generally a good info source.

Just want to make sure that both kinds of subsidy are on your radar. At 200% FPL you have a premium cap of between 4 and 6.3% of income, and if you buy a silver plan you also get out-of-pocket cost supports such that the actual deductible on those plans may be lower. This latter bit isn’t talked about much. But see here:

Got a question to ask? Trying to make sense of the policy or the practical implications? Check out the discussion on The American Healthcare Debate thread, and join in the Q&A.

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