Tip: How to find your way around the new user interface

Quick HOWTO for the new user interface

Got questions? Ask them on this thread: Questions, Rants and Raves about the new UI.

A full tutorial is coming soon.

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Who’s Your Mama?

Here’s a quick tip from There Are Always More Questions for the Mamas:

Amazon affiliate link to Haba picture albumWhen my daughter turned one I  bought a regular little photo album at Target with plastic sleeves and put photos of her relatives in it, mixed with lots of photos of her, us, our friends, our dog etc and she’s loved it ever since.  It helps SO much with keeping relatives straight that they don’t see very often and it’s great to have in the diaper bag when we’re out.  And it’s HERS so I let her scribble on the cover which she thinks is cool.  It’s fun to look back with her and talk about when she was a baby, and I’ve added a lot of photos of her doing simple things she likes, helping us cook, returning books in the library slot, riding the zoo train, stomping in puddles, etc.  It’s almost full now so I’m excited to get a new one to start when she’s 2 next month.

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Tip: How to Clean Bath Toys

Bath Toys (Affiliate link)Here’s a quick tip from There’s Always More Questions for the Mamas:

Here’s a question I asked a while ago. I asked whether anyone knew a way to clean the inside of bath toys that have mould in them. Consensus was no, throw them out. Which I did, just on the very same day that my partner came home with a new set of bath squirters which my kid ADORES. Now they have mould in them (and yes, we did fully un-squirt them after every bath). Do I really have to throw them away and buy new ones? Do I really have to do this every couple of months for as long as my child is ecstatic for bathtime squirting??

Some answers:

I have been meaning to try a friends trick: once a week or so, she fills a bowl with vinegar (maybe a vinegar solution?) and fills the toys up.  I think she leaves it for a little while and then squirts them empty.
Her whole bathroom seems WAY cleaner than mine.

I might also try squirting them with a diluted bleach solution.  (Apologies if that was suggested/tried/unhelpful with the first round of toys.)

I’ve done it with diluted bleach, and it works fine. Our toys are in fact overdue for the bleach treatment.
My one bit of advice to add is to make sure you are wearing something old/ratty because when you squirt out the bleach solution, you might accidentally squirt it towards yourself and end up with bleach stains on your nice new blue shirt. For instance.

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