Drink of the Week: Champagne Cocktails

I know, Champagne for New Year’s Eve, how original. I prefer to consider it “traditional.” You’ll see a lot of champagne around on NYE, and while champagne is delicious when it is the Real Good Proper French Stuff, you mostly get the California/Spanish Sparkling Wine. Which is fine but a lot more delicious with a little help from some other flavors. By the way, as a veteran of pregnant (dry) holiday season, these are pretty good with non-alcoholic champagne as well. At least you’ll look glamorous with a flute in your hand! Happy New Year!


Image credit: pepemczolz

Classic Champagne Cocktail

“I thought only hookers drank those?”
“Well, I know Mom sure likes them!”
-Blast from the Past

Place sugar cube at the bottom of a champagne flute, then soak with 4-5 dashes of bitters. Fill glass with champagne.

Kir Royale
The worst hangover I’ve ever had, but they sure are tasty. -Tikimama
Make in champagne glass
1/2 oz creme de cassis or Chambord
fill with champagne

French 75

2oz gin
1oz simple syrup
1oz lemon juice
Shake all ingredients except champagne to combine, then fill cocktail or collins glass with champagne.

Other things to add to champagne that make it tasty but don’t really have a name:
St Germain or Ikea’s Elderflower syrup
Passionfruit syrup
Creme de menthe
Just about any fruit or spiced syrup

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  1. i would like to try that french 75. seems like a unique mix. Agree with you tikimania, that champagne is becoming a traditional wine thats why i look for some wine/mix that i can serve this new year with my friends.

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