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The altdotlife forum community has just gone through our semi-annual round of metatalk. This always reminds me how lucky we are to have such an involved and vocal community. We’ve gone through several rounds of new features based on feedback received in the discussions, and here’s the latest:

People have asked for an improved Profile section and a way to more easily track their buddies.

I’ve added a new Ultimate Profile mod that should help with both of those. I’m still figuring out how it all works myself, so this will be an evolving tutorial.


Stop what you’re doing right now, and do this:
1.) Accept Pending Requests: Go to your Buddy Center, and accept any buddy requests that other people have sent you (or delete them, if you don’t want to be buddies). (You can find this link at the bottom of your Ultimate Profile page, under Modify Profile:  Edit Buddies.)
2.) Add New Buddies: Go to somebody’s profile, and click the [Add To Buddy List] link. (It’s on the left side, under Contact Me.) PROTIP: If you’re reading a message by someone, you can just click on their name (hyperlinked next to their message) to go their profile. Or look under Forum Tools > Members to see the whole list of members. Or Search for Members directly.
3.) Stalk Buddies: just check out your profile to see if your top 12 buddies are online. (Coming soon: additional buddy stalking mods.)
4.) Fill our your Profile: You can add additional profile information to help other altdotlife members get to know you a little better. Go to your profile page, look at the bottom, under Modify Profile: Ultimate Profile. You canchoose to show your additional info only to buddies, but it makes altdotlife a friendlier place if you just post stuff that you feel comfortable sharing with the whole community, and let everyone see it. Here’s mine.

What’s up with buddies now?
Ultimate Profile has the concept of reciprocal buddies (more like Facebook). So if you already had buddies in your buddy list, added some time ago, those buddies will show up in your Buddy Center (cool new buddy tracking feature!) as Pending Buddies. As those people visit and accept or decline your buddy request, they’ll move out of your Pending Buddies list and into your Buddies Center, the list above. In the Buddies Center, you can rearrange the list, clicking the little arrows at the right side of the list to move buddies up or down or clicking the red X to delete them. Why do you care what order your buddies are in? Because on your new Ultimate Profile page, the top 12 buddies will show up with their online status and avatars, so it’s easy for you to see if they’re online.

Editor’s note: Most of the links in this article go to forum-member-only posts. Not a member yet? You’re missing out! But not for long: here’s how to register.

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