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We recently got a piano, and my daughter, age 3, is completely enchanted by it. I do play piano, though it has been many years. She is too young for us to want to pursue formal lessons, but I am wondering if anyone here has taught their child some piano basics and wants to share some ideas. She has a good mastery of letter and numeral recognition. Any recommendations for basic lesson books for the youngest of beginners?

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We’ve got a new thread this week on how to introduce your child to music lessons. If he or she is showing interest in your piano (or flute, or drums, or kazoo), what do you do? How do you know if she’s too young to learn without being frustrated? What are the best resources to help her learn? You have questions, we have answers:

Piano teacher weighing in here. I actually don’t care for Burnam, John Thompson or most of the older piano lesson books for young beginners. The pacing is odd and some of them rely too heavily on finger numbers. I’m a total convert to the Piano Adventures series. They actually have a wonderful series for very young beginners, though I would say 3 is too little even for those. The site is great and offers a lot of info to help teachers and parents teach the concepts in the books.

My (almost) three year old loves to have “lessons” and what we do is, we talk about black keys and white keys, and practice playing together on the white keys or on the black keys. (I just play a simple chord pattern in either C or C# to duet with her.) We also practice playing loudly and softly, long notes and short notes (staccato). I talk with her about finding patterns on the piano of 2 black keys together and 3 black keys, and then she finds all the groups of two and plays them. We also talk about finger numbers and practice playing a note of her choice with each finger. All these exercises are in the first several pages of the books I linked above – but that’s about as far as she’s able to do at 35mo.

Most kids I don’t recommend begin piano lessons until they have the reading readiness to understand the idea of reading symbols across a page from left to right, the attention span to sit and do an activity for 20 minutes, and the fine motor skills to play notes with one finger at a time. And an interest in learning piano of course!

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