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There’s a lot of awesome stuff on the internet. Here’s what I’ve been reading lately…

  • Pin N Tell is a new blog devoted to all things Pinterest. One of the things they blog about is “Pinvestigations” where they take a cool idea from Pinterest to see if it really works. Here’s their findings on the glowing Mountain Dew.
  • I’ve been making a decent effort on wearing makeup more often. Makeunder My Life tells you how to remember to throw out makeup so you don’t end up with stuff that’s a decade or more old, like I did.
  • If you’re well endowed like I am, then you’ll definitely relate to these Busty Girl Comics!
  • Jennifer’s zentangle drawing is really cool.
  • Amy has a tutorial on making a blog header in Pixlr. I have to admit, layers intimidate me, but this tutorial makes it look easy!
  • Vivs at Oh Shoot posts about what she learned from commenting on other blogs. Another reminder that I need to get out there and comment more.
  • Have you seen Downton Abbey yet? I just decided to watch it recently and bought both seasons on DVD. It’s riveting! I can’t wait to watch it again, this time with Mister, and of course I’m eagerly waiting for when season 3 starts airing. (affiliate link)
  • On a related note, Aunt Peaches has 5 Ways to Combat Downton Abbey Withdrawal. This should keep me busy for about a week!
  • If you’re in a new city, or just want to check out what radio stations are available worldwide, check out Radio Locator. Not only can you find out the format and frequency of radio stations, you can also find the ones that broadcast online!

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