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Simplicity Parenting 101

Have you ever had one of those parenting moments? You know the ones– you’re rushing to get supper made after a long day at work. You’re dashing down to the bus stop as fast as your kids can walk. You have watched one (or a million) too many Caillou… and then you snap? Or maybe your kid snaps. It all ends in tears, whether kid-sized or adult. It’s not fun, and it can leave you feeling a little queasy and disconnected.

Or is that just me? (Please don’t tell me if it’s just me, ok?)

I try really hard to create rhythm and ritual for my kids, and post-homework reading aloud to each other is one of my treasured parenting moments. But honestly? It’s still kind of a challenge for me. Sometimes I feel like I need a parenting support group, and that’s one of the things I love about altdotlife– the fact that I can always find a quick post-work recipe or strategies for handling tantrums and a sympathetic ear. But sometimes it feels like what I really need is a parenting coach, and a little more strategy around my parenting skills.

Join our online group coaching session in the forum. (Not a member? Join for free— the coaching session is on the parenting forum for more privacy.)

The awesome thing about altdotlife is that we have so many smart women as part of the community. Almost any question you can think of? Someone here will have an answer. And in this case, long-time ADL member Lisa Weiner, who is a certified Simplicity Parenting counselor, has volunteered to host an “ask the expert” thread (AKA, multi-day online group coaching session) about how to bring more peace to your parenting. Got questions? She’s got answers.

Want a sneak peak? Here are some of the posts she’s written recently on her Handmade Parenting blog:

If you’ve got questions about how to simplify your parenting, and bring a little more joy and connection into your life, drop by the forum and join in the Ask the Family Coach thread.

This thread will only be active for a few days, because Lisa will begin teaching her Simplicity Parenting 101 online course on Monday. So drop by between now and Sunday evening, and bring all your questions that might benefit from a trained parenting coach (in addition to the contributions of the rest of the awesome altdotlife parenting community).

Here’s how to win a spot in Simplicity Parenting 101

Enroll with coupon code MINDFUL-20As a thank you to the altdotlife community, Lisa has offered a special 20% altdotlife discount for her Simplicity Parenting 101 course, which you can get with the coupon code MINDFUL-20. And she’s donated a spot in Simplicity Parenting 101. Here’s how you can enter to win a spot in Simplicity Parenting 101:

  • Join in the forum thread this weekend (it’s a win-win: instant advice + chance to win the deeper experience of joining the course), and
  • Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. (Tag @altdotlife  on Twitter or Facebook, or drop us a note with the link, so we don’t miss any of your entries!), and
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We’ll have to close out the contest at noon EST on Sunday, April 3, so that you have time to enroll in the course before it closes Sunday night.

Disclosure: this isn’t an affiliate deal, it’s a donation from Handmade Parenting, but the altdotlife team helped build out the tech for this online course. (No kickbacks, I just really want to see this course fill with awesome parents, and I think the altdotlife community is a great match for the course material.)