Stitch Fix Tips and Tricks

Stitch Fix

Thinking about trying a subscription service like Stitch Fix? I haven’t tried one myself (I am not-so-much a shopping person, but when I do shop, I like to shop), but if I were going to try it out, I’d want a few tips and tricks to help me get the most out of it, because I’ve heard reviews all over the map for the service. Fortunately, the altdotlife hive mind has a lot of great ideas on how to improve your Stitch Fix results. Here are a few:

Having a hard time getting clothes you love? If you write your stylist a detailed note about an event you’re going to,  they might have an easier time finding something you’d like.

I also write a detailed note with my various upcoming events, this can be real or fictional.  Like, I got a really nice top when I said I wanted something to wear out to a bar while visiting major city with an old friend from high school.  Totally fictional event, great shirt!

Not loving all your StitchFix picks, but want to keep trying? There are buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook just for this purpose. You can find one that matches your size, or check out groups for accessories.

And finally, don’t forget to update Pinterest to improve your box selections:

With stitchfix I found the stylist really looks at my Pinterest board, which I hadn’t been updating that frequently. Once I made sure to add a few things regularly my boxes improved a lot.

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