The Best Kids Books Never Written

Go the F**k to Sleep: Adam Mansbach, Samuel L. JacksonWhen you are sick unto death of rereading Go the F**k to Sleep, check out the thread The Best Kids’ Books Never Written. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to write your own best-seller. And Samuel L. Jackson can narrate.

Here are some highlights:

  • If You Look Up While We Rinse Your Hair Then Water Won’t Get On Your Face- The Toddler Book of Strange But True Facts
  • Because They Have Germs On Them, That’s Why
  • The Toilet Has No Teeth: Why It’s Okay Not To Share Your Toothbrush
  • You Are Not Actually A Butterfly, So Your Coat Will Not Crush Your Wings
  • Thomas the Train is Scrapped Forever.
  • Ann Coulter’s Guide to Life for Little Angry People
  • When the Shit Literally Hits the Fan
  • How to Unschool Your Toddler Using Methods from the Nation’s Finest Penitentiaries.
  • Licking the Subway Pole: A Guide to Self-Immunization
  • Where Do Bitches Come From? A Child’s Guide To People Who Suck
  • Your Parents Are Boring and Mean: Why You Can’t Get a Potbellied Pig, A Solar Car, or a Zombie Graveyard.

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