Tip: How to fix All Unread Topics

Have you noticed that the All Unread Topics link doesn’t actually show you all the topics you expect to see? If you’re seeing the same list of topics from All Unread Topics that you do when you click the Unread link at the top of the forum, there’s an easy hack to fix this.  Step 1 and 2 are tests to see if the function is already working for you, and step 3 is a way to trick the forum into displaying the full list:

1.) Test: Click here, which is the same link as at the Unread/Replies/Bookmarks links at the top of the browser screen. You should see Unread topics that are new since you last logged into the software, usually a few pages worth.

2.) Test: Click here, which is the same as clicking the All Unread Topics link at the bottom of the Unread page. You should see a much longer list, but because of a software quirk, many people don’t. If you see the same number of unread topics, go to step 3.

3.) Fix: Go to the Password child board, and click the MARK READ button (see the table of forum topics? Look just above the column titled View). Now try step 2 again. You should see many more posts in the list. Yay! It’s fixed.

Fix All Unread Topics

Why is this necessary?

The altdotlife forum database is big and getting bigger– and the forum code has a few quirks to keep the server from being hammered into oblivion. Most of the time, they work great. But occasionally they cause a few glitches and we need a workaround to get the software to work the way we want it.  Until last week, the All Unread Topics functionality was a performance hog, sometimes locking up the forum for up to a minute or more. But thanks to some rejiggering of the code (and testing help from a few volunteers), it looks like it’s safe to use again.

Note: if I’m wrong, and the server starts getting pummeled, I’ll have to disable the functionality until I can debug it some more. But so far, it’s looking good. Help us out by being sure to bookmark the Unread link instead of the All Unread Topics link, so we can keep the feature available for everyone to use!

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