Tips & Tricks for Staying Organized at Work

To-Do List It’s not glamorous, but we all need it: some way to keep the chaos of the universe from grinding us down. If you’ve been limping along with paper lists, you might be interested in checking out online organizational tools.

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We’re chatting about Workflowy, Toodledo, Scrivener, Trello, and Evernote, as well as the old standby, Microsoft Project. The current front runner for general todo lists is Workflowy, but if you’re into Kanban workflows, you might check out Trello or Rally. Writing a complex paper? Try Scrivener. Want to organize your work and your grocery lists? Evernote might be for you.

Oh my god, I am already in love with workflowy!  I am a huge list keeper, but organize my lists exactly as they do it – headings, sub tasks, etc.  My current system is that I start every work day with creating my list – I review the previous few days lists to make sure nothing gets dropped, then I highlight the things that I actually want to accomplish that day.  I almost never cross off all highlighted things in a day, but if I do, then I highlight the next level of priority.

Read more on the forum: Tips & Tricks for Staying Organized at Work.
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