Drink of the Week: Dark Magic

Dark Magic

Guess how much I love you? Enough that I am giving away the recipe to one of the my most favorite drinks in the whole world. It is a creation of my lovely husband Craig (aka Colonel Tiki) and while it has prep work (creating your own ingredients!) I think the extra effort is worth it. This drink is inspired by one we had at the Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one of the last great tiki bars in America.

Get a good Jamaican rum since it really shines in this drink. I like Coruba or Smith & Cross (obviously).

Dark Magic
1 oz lime juice (fresh, always, amen)
1/2 pineapple juice (fresh or unsweetened)
1/2 oz coffee syrup*
1/4 vanilla syrup
1/4 passion fruit syrup
2 oz dark Jamaican rum
dash bitters
dash Herbsaint (sub. absinthe)

Method #1: Blend all ingredients with one cup ice in 5 one second pulses in blender. Do not overblend.
Method #2: Shake with ingredients in shaker with crushed ice.

*Make your own coffee syrup!
1 cup extra strong coffee (dark roast)
2 cups sugar

Bring almost to boil in saucepan, let cool on off heat. Keep in bottle in fridge, keeps for 1 month.

Image Credit: Tikimama


  1. Do you guys have a cocktail basics wiki? I would love to try this, and I’m all about making my ingredients by hand, but I’m a noob: do I make vanilla syrup myself too? Does one have to special order passionfruit syrup? What about Herbsaint – any chance I’ll find it in small city-town Wisconsin?

    Sure I could google it all, but oh the laziness and the hollering toddlers of madness – the very reason I need a cocktail! – so can you point me to a good beginner’s resource?

  2. tikimama /

    Darcy, you can make your own vanilla syrup (all simple syrups are 2/1 sugar/water, for vanilla just use vanilla sugar) but you can also order it. A friend of ours does lovely syrups at tradertiki.com

    Passionfruit syrup can be found at Asian markets, or you can order it on that site as well!


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